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Jarboe completed a world tour in the autumn/winter of 2013, with Veil of Thorns' P. Emerson Williams on guitar. [8] She released an experimental soundscape album, With Sun Falling, with Veil of Thorns in June 2015. [9]

In 2013, Melchiondo released the fifth Moistboyz album, "Moistboyz V". In August 2016 the Dean Ween Group's debut album, The Deaner Album , was announced. It was subsequently released on October 21st through ATO Records. [4]

Yearwise list of songs
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1. Adriatic to Black Sea
2. Great Lake Derelict
3. Simple Forms
4. Cathedral Rings
5. 30 Degrees 3am
6. Branches on the Arrow Peak Revelation
7. Barrier Islands (Do We Remain)
8. North Star Ordination
9. Clearing Life

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The song "Oxygen" appeared in a very different form two albums later on the album To Be Kind . The version of "Oxygen" on I Am Not Insane also featured on the 2014 EP . The songs "My Lazy Clown" and "Opium Song" were not included on any future albums, nor played live by Swans.

Michael Gira - Songs For A DogMichael Gira - Songs For A DogMichael Gira - Songs For A DogMichael Gira - Songs For A Dog